“Don’t you worry we got clues on why my family she walked in here baby run all natural what’s a little hey what is up what’s good if your ass welcome back my channel so for today’s video I’m going to sharing with you a full face of first impressions pretty much testing out all new makeup that I have never tried on my channel so some of its new some of its not don’t get confused some of its new some of its not solo the products have been out for a while and I’m just late to the bandwagon anyways I want you guys to excuse my button because it’s been a pretty rough day if this doesn’t tell you anything it is at night and I’m still filming um but this video is going to be a collaboration with a friend of mine her name is Tonya and her channel is kiss and makeup she is from chancel as well she is a very small up-and-coming youtuber so I definitely recommend you guys go check her out she’ll also be filming a full impression big tutorial over on her channel and I want to help her grow so if you guys want to see her grow to subscribe and let her know that I sent you and together new to my channel don’t forget to subscribe because it uploads two new videos every week twice a week and you guys don’t want to miss it so without further ado I’m stop talking because I’m doing a haul of that it is and I should be doing a whole lot of this you feel me so let’s get into it can you hear my dogs this is real life people!

So a lot of u guys have been wanting me to get up close and personal on my eyeball so that way you can see what I’m doing so that’s exactly what I decided to do in today’s video now before we begin let’s just ignore the acne that’s just chilling up on my chin because my skin decided to purge Tom came and things just haven’t been too great also lips are hella freakin chapped so they look a little bit red up in this area that is why but like I said we’re not going to worry about that look at my eyes are you looking at mine just say looking at my I have a bunch of products kind of just chilling out in front of me new products that I received in the mail and I just wanted to try them out on camera so the first thing is the archery two one brow sculpting crayon in setting gel by soap & Glory you can pick this up at all so this is a ropes are randell

and this is in the shade brown and out this is what the packaging looks like haven’t got my nails in either I’m just a mess I’m all over the place but I’m going to take this comes to an angled tip going to first brush them out with my spoolie so I’m really liking how this is applying it to my brow it’s not too warm and it’s not too cool honestly just the right shade for my brows and I’m not that picky with my brows I know a lot of girls are super picky about what brow products they use and all that but I am really not like honestly if the color matches and it’s a decent brow pencil I’m good I will say a flaw about this that I think some people wouldn’t like is that is such a stat brow product so you want a little bit more precision then this probably wouldn’t be your favorite I would probably go with like the Loreal brow stylist or the Anasazi a brow Wiz so I think that’s looking pretty decent I’m now going to go in and underline my brows today I’m going to bust this out this is the L’Oreal concealing and contour kit I’ve never used their regular concealer so as you can see it’s brand new so I think I’m going to take the third shade so this one right here and I’m going to take that on a Sigma F 70 concealer brush whew these are super creamy I went ahead and switched my brush to a morphe g10 just because it’s a little bit thinner just a lot easier to carve out my brows with alright so my brows are nice and carved out I want to say this is the crayon it says two-in-one brow on the other side ooh there’s brow gel ah I was wondering I’m like what brow gel am I going to use so there’s a little one at the very end of the vowel product which I like kind of like a bonus to be honest so I’m going to be using the benefit Air Patrol eye primer now this is very much comparable to Urban Decay’s eaten it’s like all goopy right there why it’s dry disgusting come out come out wherever you are that’s all I twist it one time q times out the back because otherwise you’ll get something like this mess way too much wow it’s still coming our so occurring okay focus I’m now going to take the morphe g10 and I’m going to blend this out all over my eyelid perfect low just going to go ahead and set that with a little bit of face powder this is my

Maybelline fit me nothing new here honestly I cannot get away from Maybelline fit me powder today I’m going to be using this guy this is the new deck of scarlet palette if you don’t know what jackal scarlet is it’s pretty much a new subscription service where you get a full size palette in collaboration with a top influencers I did a little bit of swatches so you can kind of see I stuck my fingers in it and stuff you’re going to get three eyeshadows you’re going to get two face products and you’re also going to get two lip products right here which i think is pretty cool you get a new palette every two months and it retails i want to say for $which isn’t too shabby you also get a lip product which i’m probably not going to use because it’s a little bit more of a cool tone kind of like purpley color and that’s just not the vibe I’m going for so I am going to be using this the first aisle I’m going to take it’s called making mouths and I’m going to apply it with a morphe and five oh one I’m just going to apply this into my crease this is going to be my transition color we’re just going to try to ignore the fact that my eyes are watering a night crazy now to go in with the shade called making mobs on a morphe and foot three three I’m just going to apply this on the outer portion of my lid I’m just want to pack pack pack pack pack I’m really liking how these shadows are blending them onto my lid super pretty super pretty the next shade I’m going to go in with is this one right here called peachy keen and I’m going to apply it to my finger and I’m just going to pack it on back get it all back in on going to cut it right there in the very inner corner I’m going to go in with my brush and then I’m going to spray it a little bit and I’m just going to pack her on that was she’s nice and opaque honestly this peachy keen color is so for gamma-ray I’m going to go right back into making love and I’m just going to try to bust the colors into each other for more of a seamless transition I’m going to take a wipe and I’m going to clean up this edge right here right so so to do lighter today I’m going to use this guy this is the BH Studio crow and I’m going to take it on a sigma in your corner e46 this is super creamy this BH liner hi hi BH and its hella black so I know my liner does it look complete but have no fear the curvature liner is here and this is by Maybelline excited to try this and I’m just going to line the very inner corner of my eye because I like it thin and when I go in with a gel liner

I just makes it like super thick which is why like there’s no liner inner part of my eyes so this is different going to just line the inner part of my eye pockit this definitely reminds me of the NYX the curved liner because it has like that curved tip but it’s a lot smaller and easier to hold in your hand my wings right now are disrespectful so now that my watery eye syndrome panic attack is over I’m not going to go in and continue life packing on the color right here to tightline today I will be using the Loreal circus to me black liner this is not a first impression you guys know I already love this for mascara today I’m going to use this guy this is the L’Oreal lash paradise mascara which is SuperDuper comparable to the two-faced one this guy’s some Jesus I like this okay I will be using a new pair lashes I got a mail from sceeto I’ve never try these out but I’m like really excited because they look so pretty so they’re super small in the very inner corner and then they kind of like flare out and I think these are going to be really pretty with this eye look I do say so myself so I’m going to trim the little pieces off the lash because if sceeto lashes do tend to have the very like pokey inner corners and then I’m just going to pop it right here to see what it’s going to look like so you guys my lashes aren’t on and I’m digging them but I’m now going to move on to the rest of my face and give my eyes a little bit of a break and see if this side kind of like dries up I’m having a voice raise my face with this it says it is a serum and moisturizer all in one and to apply it morning and evening just mix well and apply evenly all over face so that’s what I’m gonna do oh my god it’s like a double that’s kind of cool and I’m just going to apply all the my face mmm I like the way this feels I like the way they smell so weird I don’t know moving on to primer I’m gonna use this this is the veil mineral primer by hourglass and I’ve never used this on my channel so I’m going to pump some on the back of my hand to my knowledge this primer is very expensive and it’s like that I’m not putting too much I’m probably putting way too much let me take some of this off of my hand it’s white but it wants to be blue someone help me I mean I never need to do this ever again well I hope this foundation I’m about to use can cover up this acne so for a foundation today I’m going to use a new foundation from the drugstore this is the skin perfect HD foundation buck okey now this is a new sir brand in a wally world walmart if you guys didn’t know i’m gonna apply this very evenly all over my face oh I forgot to tell you what shave I’m in the shade 40 W I’m going to take this with a foundation brush and I’m just going to brush it onto my skin I’m now going to take my damp Beauty Blender and win a bust and blend this out this is like a mountain here so far I’m really liking how this foundation is blending out onto my skin I feel like the color is very surprising for dresser foundations you guys know like you said in the past normally adjust our foundations come off very very pink and undertone it’s covering up a good majority of my blemishes I feel like this kind of makes an exception because it is exceptionally large a basement placement for my under eye can see like today I’m going to use the Wet n Wild concealer and I’m just going to pop this baby right here underneath my eyes this is not a first impressions you guys know I really love a dis concealer by Wet n Wild alright you guys so to set my under eyes I’m needs a little bit of my airspun loose face powder I don’t have a new under-eye loose setting powder to test out so this is what I’m going to use today and I’m just going to press this underneath my eyes like that and I’m also going to take this down the sides of my nose – except my chin I am going to take that loose powder as well and I’m just going to modify it you guys don’t have to tell me the foundation it’s a little bit light but we’re gonna work with it we’re going to bronze up a little bit but before we do that I’m gonna go in with powder I am using the Maybelline fit me powder and natural buff and I’m just going to set all the areas of my face my under eyes are looking very very white and I will say that I Pauline eat a darker shade in the foundation because I look weird weird okay so that is the last my face I’m now going to set it down with some loose powder I look I’m going to set my face with a little bit of the Milani make it last setting spray because my face is so powdery it looks pretty scary so I’m going to spray a face I’m now going to take the cheek parade pellet by benefits and I’m going to start bronzing up my skin with hoola light and I’m going to take that on more feet M 527 around the perimeter of my face and really glad that they came out with light I think this is the perfect shade to give my face color because like I said I was looking a little bit pale just then what do you guys think a little light just going to dust it on my nose I’m now I’m going to take a little bit of hula and I’m just going to cut my cheekbones and I’m also going to apply this to the perimeter I’m really wanting to go in with the Sofia purple shade in the depth of scarlet palette so that’s exactly what I’m going to do kind of gave my eyes a little bit of a break we’re surviving we’re living so I’m going to dust this on my lower lash line pull pigmented boy can you guys imagine what I would come out with if I had my own duck of scarlet palette fire fire I love this is totally screams summer now to really buff and blow out that purple shade I’m going to take a little bit of making mob and I’m just going to buff and blow it out I’m also going to take a little bit of the shade called Sophia and I’m just going to pop it right here towards the outer portion of the eyelid to give it a little bit more of a pop because I really just love how it looks on the lower lash line I’m honestly feeling it so much I doubted the palette when I had got it because I wasn’t really sure about the colors but it definitely challenged me to kind of step out of my normal kind of like warm tone shadow that I’m normally accustomed to using on the channel so I think this is hi-hi I’m going to take a little bit of a Sierra and apply it to my lower lashes or highlight today I’m going to be using the new champagne dream flashes Bekka light chaser highlighter for the face and eyes it came today so I was like heck yeah I’m going to use this in today’s video I’m going to take it on a morphe 510 going to swirl my brush in there and pop it on my cheeks so this definitely gives off more of a peachy vibe it’s not going to be like a Becca opal as you can see it’s not really like super intense which is kind of a bummer I feel like if you’re going to come out with product like this you should come out with a blinding highlight so I’m not a huge fan yeah but what I think I am going to use it for is to highlight the inner tear-duct of my eyes just because I really like the color it’s giving off oh yeah yeah yeah also going to take this highlight and dab it on my nose on the bridge and then I’m going to diffuse it for blush today I’m definitely wanting to try something a little bit more on the Pitti side so I am going to take California from this palette and I’m going to take it on an angled brush and I’m going to pop it on my cheeks all the Gold’s let’s go away once you you know start using it son I did say I wanted to apply a different highlight so I’m going to be trying this out this is the makeup revolution a shimmer brick in rose gold and I’m probably just going to take the two top Shay’s wow that was super super pigmented and I’m going to pop it directly over top right there that’s better it’s a lot better moving on to lists I only really have these two options from the color pop line because I love said it came out with this dark line but it’s definitely not gonna go with the eye look I think I’m going to line my lips with curvy wow I love how pigmented that is because my lips are so dry I’m going to go in with the gloss this gloss is in B shade curvy girl I’m loving it this is my first time ever trying colourpop lip glosses I let and to top the lip off I’m going to go in with the liquid crystal lip topper and champagne I’m gonna go in with the liquid crystal lip topper glow gloss and champagne dream Bellini by Becca this is one of their new lip toppers and I mean you don’t need to do this but I’m just being a little bit extra you know I hate when it does that look I probably shouldn’t add any more but oh well yeah so I’m going to be a little bit extra and I’m going to apply some of these really cute CI crystals and I’m going to plan Ivan with some eyelash glue I just put a little bit of eyelash glue on the back and I’m going to pop it closest to my lash line and just like that you guys that is the end of todays video would you think let me know comments below also let me know which you thought if any of these products specifically the death of scarlet palette because that’s what I use to create these fire ass eyes well they’re not fire because they’re not red but they’re pretty awesome I never thought I would be able to come up with something like this using this which is why I think this is a great subscription service I feel like it really pushes you to step out of your comfort zone because they come with three custom eyeshadows two blushes and also two lippy so check them out I’m going to leave everything linked down below in the description box and I don’t think I have anything else to say except I love you guys thank you so much watching and until next time I’ll be sure to touch base all on the next one deuces nearly one I really like when you check out at at night”}