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Hi guys, Welcome back to my channel! Today, I am going to do a very special video for you! I’m actually going to choose a few of my favorite products, for a cosmetics line. It’s called City Color Cosmetics. They are doing an re-launch of their website u2014 I thought it would be cool to share my favorite products from the brand and let you guys know how I feel about them. And if they are worth the money; so if you actually go over to the website and shop, you know exactly what to look for. The first product i’m going to talk to you guys about is the city color contour effects palette. This is a palette that has 3 different shades in it. It has a contour color, a bronzer color and also a highlight. I really like this palette because, 1, it is super pigmented. You don’t need a lot of product. 2, If you accidentally pick up too much product, it’s easy to blend out.

It’s not going to take forever to blend out u2014 it’s not like if you accidentally do slap on too much, that it’s impossible. But I do recommend that you be very, very careful. Especially with the contour color, because it is like “Pow” It’s going to punch you in the face u2014 that’s how Pigmented it is! I love this thing so much! It’s so amazing! So the next Item from City coloru2026 This is the sunlight trio kit. This is a blush, highlight and bronze trio, so you get 3 strips of different colors. I have here, the collection 1 u2014 I also have collection 2. But I’ve been using collection 1 for a little bit. And I have to say, this is probably going to be my favorite out of the two collections. 1, because the highlight color is a gold color, so it’s going to be very flattering on dark tones, tan skin tonesu2026 and even lighter tones. But more for the women who have tan skin like me or even darker. This is going to be very flattering. It’s not a pink kind of highlight. It’s not whiteu2026 Its none of that. Its perfect for that type of skin tone.

The blush color is so beautiful! It’s the perfect color, it has a little bit of a shimmer in itu2026 perfect for summer time! I know summer time is leaving us very soon; but I feel like I can get away with this a lot more here in Florida b because it’s sunny most of the time. But, I just love it! It gives my skin such a nice sun kissed bronzy glowy look. It also comes with a bronzer color that does have shimmer. I don’t prefer shimmer for bronzers; but this one is very good for the sun kissed, look! If you are looking to be blowy all over with the highlight and keep the blush matte, and go in wight he bronzer, it’s just so beautiful! And I love that this palette is so universal! Next, is the city color eyeshadow primer. This one is in the coloru2026 Does it say? Does it, have a color? I don’t think it has a color.

It just says eyeshadow primer. But I love the amount of product you get in it. I love that it’s not a jar. So it’s not an issue if you have long nails like I do and you are trying to get the product out. And smooth it across your eye with your fingers. You don’t have to worry about a brush, so that is a huge plus for me. Also, it covers up any of my veins in my eyelids. Because you can see my veins u2014 I have a green vein in my eyelid, so it definitely covers that up and it makes my shadows pop. Like, Crazy! It’s just so amazing and there is no creasing whatsoever. Let’s talk about some lipsticks for a second. The first one is the city chic? Or city chic? I don’t know how to pronounce that, but i’ll have it listed down below.

This one is in the color Kiss my Softly. I have it on my lips today and I’m obsessed! This is the perfect nude for my skin tone. I feel like, it’s not too nude or beige, not too white to where it washes me out, it’s not too peach to where it looks like a summer look. It’s the perfect nude ever! I love it so much, that I ordered 3 more as a back up, just in case! Because I know i’m going to be grabbing this lipstick so much! I posed a look on my instagram, wearing this and a lot of you said that you liked it! And again, I ordered 3 more! I highly recommend that you guys check out this color right here, they also have many, many other colors in the city chic? Or however you want to pronounce it line. This is definitely my favorite out of the entire collection that they have. They also have some matte lipsticks that I am very fond of. I am a huge matte lipstick type of person! This one is very matte, the color i’ve been using a lot is the color “Gwen” its like a deep burgundy or purple.

Whatever it is, I feel like its perfect for the fall time. I feel like this lipstick is going to tie into everything! It’s the perfect go to red for me. It’s not red, but it’s not burgundy. It’s a nice mixture in the middle. And its matte! So let’s talk about blushes! I recently gave sox many blushes away to my sisters. From bhcosmetics, coastal scents. Just because I felt like I wanted to try some other blushes out. I wanted to try different ones, more pigmentation, more of a matte feel. I’m not really into the shimmer blushes anymore. So I have these Be Matte blushes right here.

I have a few of them and the colors i’ve been using and working with. The first one is in the color Papaya. I absolutely had to have this color. It’s such a nice pink color. It’s so beautiful on my skin. It will go with a lot of skin tones. The next color is guava. This is my all time favorite color. When I saw these blushes, I had to get guava! That one is the color and the two I had to have: guava and papaya! The other color I picked up with blood orange.

This color is GORGEOUS! I hope it comes up on camera the way it comes up in person. It’s so beautiful! It’s the perfect summer color. But like I said. I don’t care if it’s a summer color or a winter color. I’m going to rock it u2014 whenever I want a certain look, I’m just going to rock it. The last blush, and yes, this is a blushu2026 This is in the color toasted coconut. I actually like to use this as a bronzing color. Its matte like the other blushes, but it is light in tone. It’s not like, super bronzy or anything. It’s such a beautiful color just to apply on the parameter of the face. Just to give a little color after you apply your foundation. So you don’t look flat. I just love it! It’s the same blush consistency, quality, texture as the blushes that I just mentioned, but I like to use it as a bronzer.

Is that a little crazy? And the last product that I want to talk to you guys about, I used it in a video recently and link it down below if you are interested. But this is the city color perfecting palette u2014 this is in medium. This is like, a full on color correction palette. It has the necessary colors that you need. Orange, yellow, green and then two regular concealer colors. Which i’ve recently used. I will link the video for my makeup color correction. And you can see how it applies to my skin. So hopefully you enjoyed my shopping guide video to City color cosmetics. I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you found it helpful! These are a few of my favorites. I definitely have more, I have a whole bunch of their products. I went bananas! I love that its super affordable, yet, they don’t cop out on quality. That’s what I really like about it.

If you are going to go ahead and go shop on the new website, I have a coupon code linked down below. You can save 15% off of your purchase which is actually pretty, pretty good! I don’t get paid from it, i’m just sharing the savings with you! I just thought it would be really awesome to, you know introduce a brand to you guys that I will be using a lot in my videos.

If you are interested, I will have all the product links down below so you can go directly to it as well as the coupon code. Give this video a Like and make sure you share with your google+! So that way other people can see it. And, make sure that you are subscribed if you aren’t already! There is more to come and I’ll see you in the next one!