“What’s up everyone welcome back to my channel today i am sharing some really really exciting news jeffree star cosmetics finally has a brand-new product launching September 30 now i’m sure you can see by the title this is the shade reveal of my new product called lip ammunition so today in this video we’re going to dive in and go through all ten shades I’m gonna swatch them on my mouth and we’re going to talk about the product which let’s just jump into it right now now this product has been in the works for a few years i’m gonna give you guys a little backstory and then we’re going to swatch all these guys first of all community committed to look at this chrome beautiful bullet you guys oh my god okay so I’m gonna do a quick little backstory in 2013 when I quit music and I was going through my transition of what the fuck i was going to do with my life i started to develop a stick lipstick with my lab and I’ve had the name of live ammunition in my head for years and I’ve always looked at every brand on earth and


I’m like okay something’s missing and I think that the jeffree star lipstick and needs to be created it needs to happen but when she going to look like so i created this idea even before the liquid lip so we started creating all the shades but i was also developing my liquid lipstick so this one was actually done before this in the lab so we went ahead and made this product that infamous of a lower liquid lipstick and it became such a hit so quick and went viral I was just like okay this guy is going to take a backseat and this one is going to come out first and then i spent all of $MONTH 2015 just making a lot of SKUs we did over 35 shades of this including holiday and all the limited stuff so first of all I just wanna say thank you to all the subscribers and customers for making this such a hit i have a lot more shades coming so this part will be permanent in my line forever and will a million shade extensions now back to this guy since the liquid left became such a hit i’m like okay we’re gonna take a little break from low products so I put out my highlighter we put out the beauty killer eye shadow palette and I’m like okay time to get back to lips I feel like since I’ve come out with mine I feel like every branch on earth has a liquid lipstick now which is amazing now I think it’s time to rewind and go back to loving just regular lipsticks I’ve always loved lipsticks I grew up wearing a pink lipstick from high school onto now so I wanted to make my own version now the live ammunition has two formulas currently so when they launched on September 30 there will be 10 shades huh i’ma try that again 10 shades there will be nine satin-finish lipsticks and one glitter now as the Year rolls by and next year there will be a lot more shades and even more finishes but I just kind of want to introduce a few formula so you guys can see what I’ve been working with animals gonna give you guys a little little information about this this has zero .

12 ounces of product in here and just it kinda looks like something like this it comes off and of the lipstick room is right there and of course the shade labels are on the bottom and it comes in a box like this with that silver foil on the front of course the box has the ingredients a little beauty tip and all the information that you need for this little guy now this is just like my entire line vegan and cruelty-free these will also be retailing for eighteen dollars just like my liquid lipsticks and when they go on sale who I’m just gonna pretty Jesus that we made enough because girl I’ve been ordering mass quantities of everything so the live ammunition will be sold exclusively on my website and on so all my other retailers will get them later in the year and I just can’t wait for you guys to see these two smell these to touch these I you guys know I’m a sugar fanatic so all my products are very sweet and delicious so I’m I think it’s time to dive into all ten swatches where we get just watching it was going to talk about the colors there are several pinks and when I say so real I mean 6 a-10 have a pink vibe from light pink new too hot jeffree star signature pink and then there are you know little little noodle purple and a little burgundy moment now the cool thing about this is a few of your favorite shade in the velour liquid lipsticks made it into the live ammunition but most of them are brand new shades so let’s dive him all right the first time this watch is called ex-supermodel this is a gorgeous nude pink oh my god listen not just because my own color I’m just like this this is like one of my easy go to everyday colors i think i might wear this to my funeral.


We’ll see but I’m let’s get us watching come on one swipe coverage now these are packed full of pigment you’ll need one swipe of course if you’re a extreme pigment lower you might want to do it a few times just for fun but you really only need one swipe of average oh it feels so good on the lips ok so this is X supermodel i am obsessed with the shade i’m like almost gonna manage my hair but i’m also want to make a quick note that i know a lot of lipstick sometimes around I mean standard is the laser cut straight lipstick now I love this because the point just really defined the lines and gets in there some brands have like a round tip I’m not into the round two well sometimes but you don’t know what I mean I’m okay let’s go to the next shade alright the next shade is celebrity skin now this shade was such a hit in my line I had to bring her back for a different formula this is just such an easy warm toned dark nude color that anyone can pull off and it looks identical to the liquid lip color so if you’re a fan of that you’re going to love this guy yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah alright i think this is one of my favorite I know we haven’t even watched the rest but gosh darn it i love this color the third shade is a brand new one and this one is called Baby Spice barium of course inspired by my obsession with the spice girls since sixth grade now this shade is a cool-toned medium pink not really like hot pink but kind of in the middle for those of you that are scared for the neon but bored of the really nude so this is a in between color and you know i love my pinks yeah alright this is a baby spice a very cool bubblegum sexy i think this one is going to work for every skin tone alright the next sheet is the only glitter formula in the line currently there will be several more glitter formulas later but this is the one and only this shade is called beauty pageant and it’s inspired by my love for the glitz and the glamour now i’m not sure how this looks on camera is really sparkly now this one is a little more shares than that satin formula so it’s not like fully opaque blinding like you press loose glitter on your lips this gives it a little more of like a sheeny glitter effect it looks florges when there’s any light around you and in the sunlight girl now this does have a little bit of color to it but it is really packed with shimmer so let’s put it on mmm yes now the cool thing about the glitter formula is that you can add these over a current lipstick that you’re already wearing liquid lips are the best to put it over because already kinda like a mad canvas popping this in the center all over 0 gives you the best feeling and then just for fun i’m going to turn on my iPhone and flashlight just so you guys can kinda get the full effect oh yeah come on shine I just love this is very sheer so if you’re someone that has a little scared of color this is a perfect for you and I’ve also created a few more colors that will come out later in the year or next year you all know I’m that plan alright the next shade is one of my favorites this is a straight-up Barbie hot pink and this one is called Jeffrey’s and girl this was definitely inspired by that Rick Springfield a song and Jessie’s girl from the eighties and nineties oh my god please don’t kill me my mom i love this song and she’s just saying that lyrics like I wish that I was Jeffrey girl so I was like okay girl with this color though girl yeah yeah yeah this shade is a very neon a very bright i think if you both have to pull it off it’s Jeffrey staple the next one is a bright lavender called popsicle dream and she looks something like this barium i love this one it is a very like its way brighter than lilac but it’s in the middle like it’s not too purple but it’s just just right ok yeah alright this is a popsicle dream on the mouth oh I am feeling the fantasy with this one hi the next shade is a neon pastel kinda like Queen Supremes but a little lighter and she is called ice cream boulevard bedroom.


This one is very light but also packs a punch so it’s in between that neon pastel realm but also a very pretty gosh darn it yeah this is ice cream bar now you guys know I’m very transparent so with this shade it is very light in color and pigment so if you are someone has a really dry lips i would definitely exfoliate beforehand because any little like pieces of skin or little ridges will definitely show more with any light colored lipstick renewed so you don’t want to exfoliate before you use this one but this one is color though I’m like this is like very pornstar very girl next door the next shade is a dark blue purple this one is kind of like Barney’s whole existence this shade is called granddaddy part yes God and of course this was inspired by my love for cannabis and one of my favorite strength ever now this shade is not for the faint of heart it is it’s almost like my liquid lip I’m royalty but way more blue it’s almost like if I’m royalty and blue velvet had a baby and this is the outcome so let’s watch her down yeah alright this is a friend that he purpose now she’s a very vibrant now.


I want to say one thing this color you do have to work into the skin for little one more second to get it really beautiful and fully opaque if you are scared at suggest using a lip liner but she is creamy and just so you know all these are very hydrating the ingredients are very moisturizing Syria lips don’t ever feel like you know chalky and dead these are as you can see it has like a tiny little bit of a machine to that side and they mm feel delicious now these are not kiss proof so these will come off if you are making out giving kisses or doing other activities which you all know i love to do but i’m just going to show you how these come up let’s do law will do because on the cheek yeah come on kiss mark happen mmm definitely comes off so you will need to reapply if you dirty bitch we have only two shades a lot out of the 10 now this next one the nightshade is one of my not one of my the number one most bought liquid lipstick from my collection she had to make an appearance middle of ammunition this is unicorn blood i put the straight out last year in the lore liquid lip formula and it exploded everywhere so thank you for making that color is such a smash I had to bring her back girl so you guys already know what this looks like but I’m gonna swatch for you anyway yeah yeah yeah unicorn blood y’all know it’s that dark rusty red that i am obsessed with now this looks really good with my eye makeup I’m like Jen you tutorial on this look you guys will have to let me know let’s watch the last shade as we are down to the last so watch my mouth is like bitch please spare me in between takes I have been rubbing a little bit of foundation on my mouth and I’ve also been using my lower lip scrub after every like three or four because Mama’s lips arkansas right guys last one last but not least the shade is a hot coral her name is a starfish rule this one is a very bright very Coralie it’s on that pinkish coral side i’m going to take oral it’s just you guys are about to see right now whoa girl not playing yeah yeah yeah this was the final shade my god I can’t believe that these products are finally coming out so mark your calendars September 30 at ten a.m.

Pacific standard time now if you don’t know your timezone just hop on google and it will give you all the information you need now remember this will be exclusively on jeffree star cosmetics dot-com and I’m just so excited to get these on everyone’s lips they have been in the works for a really long time you guys I’m so happy that they are finally seeing the light of day and of course if you want to see a little little sneak peek in kind of what we did at the photoshoot watch the video right before this is kind of like a little commercial and I’m just really excited I’m just like freaking out so i just want to say a quick little thank-you to everyone that has supported my makeup brand since day one and for all my new customers welcome to the family i love you guys so much you guys are the reason why i create all of this stuff and just thank you for being a part of my journey now I do want to say one last thing that I have a lot of new products coming out next year but before this year is over I will have a lot of new liquid lips coming out and holiday just wait till you see all the holiday colors think there’s seven liquid lips upside to spill the tea right you guys thank you so much for watching this video and I’ll see you guys soon my guys.